History of the InstaPipe

A Vermont machinist by trade, in the early 70’s I wanted a more practical, durable and affordable smoking device.  I wanted something that was portable, something that was not wasteful, something that I could extinguish and re-light at a later time. Ahh, a small pipe with a cap!  Perfect.  I knew I had a great product and eventually acquired my own lathe and milling machine to build these pipes.  Through the years, I must have made over 200 pipes for friends who kept advising me to market this product.  In my early retirement days, I had found a means to mass produce my invention.  At the last moment, with my daughter’s advice, a sleeve was added to the stem of the pipe to prevent mouth burn.  I was finally able to offer this fine product to the public.  And, the InstaPipe was born.  I still use the very first InstaPipe I made over 40 years ago.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
• Bruce